Meet the Team

Brad Turner
Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

Turner joined Laborer’s Local 840 in April 1994, working mainly on roadwork, bridges, demo, concrete work and pipe work.  He's served on the Local’s Board since 1997
starting as Sgt. at Arms, then moving to Executive Board, and President. He enjoys competing in roping events with his son.

CONTACT INFO:  573-364-3928, 573-308-2468


Jeff Watson
Recording Secretary

Watson has been a member with Local 840 for 2 ½ years and is currently employed with JH Drew doing guardrail work.  He resides outside of St. James, Mo. with his wife of 13 years and 7 year old son.

CONTACT INFO:  573-263-1195

Dan Marz
Executive Board

Marz has been a member of Local 840 for the past 21 years. He has worked in many

different locations throughout the state - have worked interstate jobs, office buildings, bridges, and power plants. He has been married for 37 years, and has a son. 

Dave Fishwick
Executive Board

Fishwick has been a member of LIUNA since 2003. He is married with two daughters and has two grandchildren. He enjoys spending time at Mark Twain Lake fishing and hunting and likes to compete in UKC & PKC hunting hound field trials with his beagles.

CONTACT INFO:  636-544-3821

Wayne Flagg
Executive Board

Flagg has been a member of Local 840 since 1997. He carried hod for 3 years, worked behind a drill rig for 12 years. In 2012, he went to work at the Ameren UE Power Plant and six months ago he started with Rich Gullet. He enjoys bench rest shooting, reloading, hunting and upkeep on my property. 

CONTACT INFO: 636-359-6319

Loren Cahill
Vice President 

Cahill has been a member of Local 840 since 2001. He has lived in St. James, Mo., most of his life and enjoys building cabinets and raising cattle. He helps out his local FFA.

CONTACT INFO: 573-368-9510

James Pogue
Sergeant at Arms

Pogue has been a member of Local 840 since July 1992. He was in the Marine Corp from 1988 – 1992. He is a graduate of Rolla High School. Pogue has been married since 1988 with 2 children and 2 grandchildren.

CONTACT INFO: 573-308-0762

Travis Pogue

Pogue comes from a line of union members - his father Robert Pogue,
Grandfather Calvin Pogue, and Uncle Kenny Pogue are union laborers as well as his cousins are union members. In 1996 he became a union member. In 2003 he started working for Bloomsdale Excavating and still working presently with that company. He has three daughters Chantelle Pogue 22yrs, Daytona Pogue 6yrs, Lexington Pogue 4yrs and one Dandy grandson Bentley Grayson 2yrs old and was married to Jessica Pogue on 9/29/2012. He loves watching nascar racing, football, and baseball with  friends and family! He also loves hunting, fishing and being outdoors.

Dale Mastin

Mastin has been a member of Laborer’s Local 840 for 10 years and has been employed with McGrath & Associates for the past 4 years. He has held the position of Labor Forman with them the past 2 years.

CONTACT INFO: 636-234-6044,

Appointed  Soon

New auditor info to come soon!!!!!!!

Perry Dixon

Dixon  joined Laborer’s Local 840 in
November 1999. He has worked for the
most part on building jobs and the
pipeline. He is  married, lives in Salem,
Mo. and enjoys trail riding on the river
with his grandchildren.

CONTACT INFO: 573-247-2128

Lisa Sparks
Office Secretary

Sparks has been employed with Laborer’s Local 840 since April 1994. She is married and lives in Rolla, Mo. Sparks has a daughter and 2 grandchildren that keep her very busy.

CONTACT INFO: 573-201-1434, 573-364-3928